Thursday, December 30, 2010


A spin off of my Tortilla post I'd like to tell you about a little taqueria named Henry's where the chips are fresh, the chile verde is spicy and the service is uber friendly. This little gem is run by Henry and his wife (not his name nor his wife), which we recently found out after eating there for the past few years. Well, it's the "go to" place after a long day of work, basketball and "honey, there's nothing to cook for dinner".

The food is delicious and fresh. On my "good" days, I'll have the plain chicken burrito topped only with onions, cilantro and salsa. When I'm in the mood for chile verde that I haven't spend hours cooking, I go for it. The meat is soft, spicy and delicious. Wrapped in a fresh tortilla with nothing but a Diet Coke as a chaser, I'm in heaven. For a little variety I like to take the chips and place a small piece of pork on it and have a crunchy bite.

David love the mexican tacos, a small corn tortilla, filled with chicken or carne asada. He can put away 5 or 6. Danielle loves the chicken burrito with a side of sour cream and mole'. Mole is a rich mexican sauce made with dark chiles, spices and chocolate. It is a yummy topping on any grilled meat.

Other frequent visitors are Cath and Scott. Scott loves the bacon breakfast burritos, any time of day, and Cath likes the chile verde tacos and the chips. She absolutely loves the chips! She even thought of somehow incorporating them into her wedding celebration menu. Mike A. loves Henry's as well and his wife love the chile rellano burrito, which you have to call in the morning to put your order in so they don't run out.

Other items to try, the carnitas, crunchy tacos, salads and quesadillas filled with whatever you like.

The salsas are delish as they come in a variety of spices and colors. Regular mild red salsa, smokey dark roasted salsa and a verde (green) salsa are the choices. They also have all types of bottled chile's with a wide range of heat levels.

Henry's is a favorite of ours and we love that Henry's "wife" knows our orders, asks if our friends are coming in and makes us speak Spanish when ordering. We've tried other places, but for now, none stands up to this home cooking away from home.

What's for lunch?

787 Franklin Street
Santa Clara, CA 95050-4930
(408) 249-2922

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