Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I didn't think I thought much about tortillas, but I guess I do. I thought everyone eats them and heats them just as I do. As I learned from Matt B., they are something to think about and are delicious eatin all the time. I've learned that they taste awful cooked on an electric stove (my grandmother used to have an electric stove and they tasted awful that way). I much prefer them heated up directly on the fire of a gas stove. David prefers a cast iron tortilla warmer (no waiting to heat-- we each get a burner). I like them slightly burned on one side and soft on the other. The food goes on the burnt side and the soft side is up and manageable.

So many different types for so many different uses. A tortilla is a wondrous food tool, you can wrap it around most anything. My brother asked me once how to pick out the freshest tortillas. I said, pick up the package and flop it back and forth. If it flops easy, then they are fresh. If they are stiff, then they are not.

Small, big, white, floury, thick, whole wheat, brown speckled, gringo, true mexican and corn just to name a few types...what type do you like? I'd say it depends on the use: peanut butter and honey-- a nice whole wheat tortilla works nicely, a medium brown speckled mexican tortilla--chile verde (this one can hold the juices of the chile and stand up to the pork). For David's ground turkey burritos, the larger thin type of tort works just fine. It can hold the meat, salsa and fixings and not drip on your chest as you eat the burrito on the couch. A lovely tool and no mess.

I know there are a few corn lovers out there, such as Mark S. which I think he makes soft tacos daily and puts all types of fixings inside. Or at least I think he does, when he is not Zoning it. That's for a different blog.

Well, no matter how you like them, they are a great alternative to bread and can be low in calories and carbs or not.


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