Monday, January 3, 2011

Green Chile Enchiladas & Angelina's Beans

I read a recipe that layered tortillas like noodles for a mexican lasagna with the filling and cheese in between. I wanted to do this, but changed my mind at the last minute and made regular green chile chicken enchiladas for this evening's meal. David is not fond of the red sauce enchilada's so I am trying out this recipe for him. This easy meal follows:

Preheat Oven to 375 or 400

Medium tortillas
Frozen chicken tenders
Pre-shredded mexican blend cheese (large bag)
Large can of Las Palmas Green Chile Enchilada Sauce (medium)

Simmer tenders in a bath of simmering water flavored with salt, pepper, garlic powder and lots of cumin.
Once the tenders are done, cut into bite size pieces on a cutting board.
In a large glass pan lay out a tortilla and add chicken, cheese and a couple of large spoon fulls of green enchilada sauce. Roll firmly and place in a large rectangle glass pan. Repeat until the pan is completely filled. Next, pour the rest of the green sauce all over the rolled enchiladas--make sure that all parts of the tortilla are wet so they don't crisp up and burn in the oven. This recipe should make 12-14 medium size enchiladas.

Cook until cheese is bubbly and hot. I like the cheese a bit crispy, but this is purely up to you.
Sprinkle with some Tapatio or add jalapeno's for extra spice.

Enjoy with a small salad and some of my grandmother's creamy refried beans.

Angelina's Creamy Beans (every one's favorite)
Take a large can of pinto beans (already cooked)
Spray a large frying pan with Pam/cooking spray
Dump beans and a bit of the liquid into the pan (pour out most of the liquid and save)
Heat/cook all the way thru, add more liquid if necessary (not too wet not too dry)
Smash beans but not all the way- leave a bit of the beans integrity intact
Add lots of monterey jack cheese and stir.
The beans should be creamy and delicious, just like my grandmothers.


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